J&R offshore services Ltd is a dynamic Ghanaian Local Content Company, operating in the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Industry. We partner with the best in the Oil & Gas industry to provide excellent Services to Exploration & Production Companies operating offshore and onshore Ghana Our goal is to become a Leading and preferred offshore services provider in Ghana. The company is located in Tema with operations in Takoradi.


PanTerra Geoconsultants is a geoscience consultancy group providing services to the upstream Oil & Gas industry. Since its start in 1988, PanTerra Geoconsultants has established a proven track record of quality, reliability and client focus, offering fully customised services in close communication with the client.

PanTerra Geoconsultants BV has three operating divisions:

Integrated Subsurface Evaluations - Laboratory services · Conventional and special core analysis services · Production chemistry · PVT Geoscience staff secondment based on the combination of our geoscience expertise and in-house laboratory capacity. PanTerra offers highly focused reservoir description services through our ability to integrate these two key inputs into reservoir characterisation. Recognizing the Industry's growing demand for deployment of staff, PanTerra Geoconsultants provides qualified staff to work at our clients' premises. We can provide junior and senior staff for various positions, including (but not limited to) Seismic Interpreters, Petrophysicists, Reservoir Engineers, Reservoir Geologists, Data Managers and Technical Assistants

Exploration and Appraisal:

In many mature petroleum provinces where the majors are re-organising their business portfolios, acquisition and divestment opportunities are plentiful. Such opportunities commonly require operators to put highly skilled, multidisciplinary evaluation teams together at very short notice. Our in-house senior experts and consultant associates are very experienced in supporting such short, highly focussed projects on an `as needed´ basis. In addition our technical staff can provide well-site support services. PanTerra’s experience is worldwide and covers the North Sea Basin, North Africa, West Africa, North and South America, Middle East and Far East. PanTerra projects range from single well studies to fully integrated field or area reviews. For large projects where close co-operation with client staff is necessary, PanTerra can supply project rooms with a high-speed network and IT support. PanTerra works with state-of-the-art commercial software (Petrel, Geographix, Tigress lt, Jewel Suite, Kingdom, Seisworks, WellCAD, ArcView).

PanTerra Geoconsultants B.V. provides the following services to the international standards:

  • Subsurface Evaluations and Geothermal Energy
  • Laboratory Services
  • Recruitment Services
  • E&P Learning

All the operating divisions are ISO 9001/2008 accredited.

Established in 1988, PanTerra Geoconsultants have a proven track record of quality, reliability and client focus. Integrated by design, having a wide range of inhouse state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and geoscience and engineering expertise under one roof, PanTerra Geoconsultants provide a truly integrated service

PanTerra offers the following services

  • Recruitment: PanTerra searches for suitable staff who subsequently are hired directly by the client.
  • Secondment: PanTerra searches for suitable staff and PanTerra hires them. Subsequently these persons are seconded to the client
  • Payrolling: A suitable candidate has already been identified by the client, but wants or needs to work via a third party. PanTerra hires this candidate and subsequently seconds

Our staff includes both seasoned professionals (mainly ex-Shell) and recent graduates in the first years of their professional careers. We cover the full hydrocarbon resource life-cycle from exploration to development, providing our clients the technical basis for sound business decisions concerning farm-ins and farm-outs, divestments and investments, unitization proposals and valuations.

Staff training: We invest significantly in the training and development of our geologists with the aim of stimulating and rewarding their continuing enthusiasm for the geosciences and technology. Our in-house training programme comprises a combination of structured job assignments for optimum on-the-job learning and formal, highly focused course modules including a reservoir geology field-course. These training resources can also be purchased for external, client groups: both the delivery of field geological seminars and the presentation of one-day to week-long short courses on key topics, from general sedimentology to specific regional petroleum systems analysis.

J&R Offshore Services is a partner of PANTERRA Geoconsultants