J&R provides an integrated logistics service, ensuring on-time delivery of all materials from vendor to rigs, Offshore installations and FPSO and back again. We manage warehouse, packing, pipe yard, transport, fuels and bulks, CCU, quayside and waste operations ā€“ using our own assets and resources or third party suppliers according to client requirements and local custom.

J&R provide marine and offshore supplies, marine equipment, spare parts and services. We supply to ships of every kind and to the offshore industry.

Global service offering

J&R has a global service offering, where the customer benefits from economies of scale, purchasing advantages and efficient logistics - combined with local expertise and service

Worldwide availability

Our worldwide presence ensures precise delivery of all the supplies and spare parts you need wherever and whenever. J&R always offers products from leading manufacturers to achieve your satisfaction. At J&R, we are constantly aware of our clientsā€™ greatest concern ā€“ to save time and make money. That is why you can count on a swift response on all your inquiries and purchase orders. We aim to deliver your requirements fast and efficiently.