WTS Energy is the leading Consultant/Manpower Supply company to the International Oil, Gas an Energy industry. We supply Consultants to the Projects and Operations of our Clients. We also perform Outsourcing Services like Project Recruitment Campaigns and Workforce Management in Oil and Gas regions around the world.

We operate globally with offices in 12 countries, supplying the International Oil, Gas and Energy industry with professional personnel. We offer hands on support to our consultants in every region in which they work. We provide the best people to Upstream, Midstream and Downstream projects and operations.

We serve our Clients and Consultants based on trust, high ethical standards and consistent quality of service.

That is what we believe in, because in the end it is all about people. Manpower and Consultants Supply WTS Energy supplies mid to high level technical, operational and managerial professionals to companies in the International Oil and Gas Industry. The professionals are seconded to the Client's operations, either in the office or at the work location.

WTS Energy takes care of all activities related to the recruitment and employment of the seconded people. WTS Energy takes care of: Recruitment & Selection, Mobilization, Visa & Work permits Payroll, Insurances, Taxes, Employment contracts, Operational Support, Expenses, Transport and Housing and other support services.

  • Manpower and Consultants
  • Recruitment power in Asia and US/Europe
  • Fast track response for urgent positions
  • Full insurances and support for Consultants
  • Strong processes for Work Permits, Visa, Taxes, Insurances, Billing and Pay Rolling
  • Global sourcing for skill pools or projects
  • Project Recruitment Campaigns
  • WTS Energy organizes and executes Recruitment Campaigns for Clients all around the world.


  • Acces to over 850,000 Candidates!
  • Global Recruitment Team
  • one advanced global system for candidate matching
  • Experience in Asia, Western World and Middle East
  • Project management of the campaign

WTS Energy offers Outsourcing Solutions to Clients. These services can include Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) projects and Workforce Management, whereby WTS Energy recruits and supports a large group of professionals who work for the Client.

WTS Energy will look into Personnel Outsourcing projects in any country in the world and has experience with such projects in Africa and the Middle East in difficult locations. A project specific organization will be built with the service fully dedicated to a specific Client.


  • Transition/rollover
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Skill pool building
  • Complete employment Solutions in a new Country or Region
  • Outsourcing employers risks
  • Outsourcing in difficult locations