Unihead is committed to creating educational opportunities, informing investment, development and commercial decisions in global education and development issues Helping individuals, institutions, colleges, universities, private and government sectors unlock their commercial potential across the entire consulting cycle.

Unihead Education & Development Consulting combines the methods of a market analysis leader with the strategic vision of a trusted advisor to support you in making informed, timely investment decisions.

Drawing on our consulting and client side backgrounds, we work from a position of deep industry understanding to deliver insights and actionable advice that address your unique business needs..

Client-centred Services

With our links with some of the largest concentration of education and development experts in the UK, Ghana and other African countries, we can provide research-based, and practical needs. Our consultancy services are flexible. Assignments can be any size; from a single day to many months; from a single consultant to a multidisciplinary team.

Broad Client Base

Our clients come from all sectors: private, public and not-for-profit. They value our independence and our track record. We work with them in UK, Ghana and overseas. Most of our clients are organisations, however we work with individuals as well.

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