AST Modular

As Official Partners of AST Modular in Ghana, we help provide Scalable and Energy Efficient Data Solution. This includes

  • Modular Data Centers
  • Micro Data Center
  • Data Center Cooling Modules
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency
  • Data Center Services
  • EMI Shielding
  • Critical Power
  • Private Cloud
  • Overview

    Concerns over power and space limitations, capital and operational expenditures can be now addressed through containerized datacenter. AST Modular manufactures rugged, portable and energy efficient containerized datacenters that provide plug & play datacenter capacity inside an ISO container in a fast and cost effective way. Vendor neutral and deployable in virtually any environment, AST Modular containers are available as all-in-one compact units providing a fully functional data center in a pod in standard models of 20’ 40’ and 53’. They are also available as standalone power, cooling and IT units and can, upon request, be combined and customized for large scale container farms deployments.